Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alonzo or Elmira...the twins

One of the twins either Alonzo or Elmira...i have been trying to get them pictured together
but they seem to know this and elude me...
these twins are Estelle's youngest child's daughters...children
they were born in the tree grove just north of the building and i see them everyday
either breakfasting on the south hill
or in the Milo patch just north of their home
coming home from spraying weeds this morning at the ranch (my other job) i spied him/her in the ditch and i waited ...finally they came on out and i got this picture
they are growing up tho and i am not sure how much longer they have their spots
the other twin was already across the road
this season i have spotted 4 sets of twins on the property
oh i know which one is which and i am not seeing them coming past twice and three times
they have differing bunks...
today i began Bo's portrait...sailing the 7 seas...he is quite the captain of the ship!
thank you for stopping by!!


MrCachet said...

Deer me! We live in town about one block West of the Capitol building. We had a very serious deer problem until a year ago when the city finally decided to thin the herd. We have pictures of SEVENTEEN (does and their fawns) in our neighbor's yard.

We watched a doe give birth in our yard. We didn't name them and we use a product (smells like pepper spray) called Deer-Out to keep them away from our garden.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Great photo! I went to a family reunion recently on my Mom's side of the family. Her mother and father have passed, but whenever we see deer we know my grandmother has paid us a visit. (And whenever we hear a train, we know my grandfather has stopped by!) We all went out to dinner at the reunion, and on the way home we saw a deer and heard a train. And your photo brought back that memory! Thanks for sharing it! :-)