Friday, July 16, 2010

A Cool Pond!

It has turned off rather warm Platte, SD..not hot by my standards...I am from the south it is HOT there!...
But close today...

I thought a image of a cool pond might help us. And this post had some issues
i am not sure if lightening didn't maybe hit might make a cook background or beginning to a painting not sure yet

Here is the pond this is just a small part of rambles along for the better part of about 8 acres..then spills into the creek..this is in our west pasture.
Sure hope the summer is going well for you!
Thank you for visiting.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Everything is so green and beautiful there. I'm glad to hear it's not hot there. It's stifling here. I could jump in that pond about now. You're right. It really DOES have a cooling effect.

Sarah said...

Ooh nice! Do you swim in it? It looks so peacful. That post is great-poor thing!

Mar said...

i was being 'smart'
it was around 100
no wind kinda of a stifeling day
but no matter how hot it might get here
it is not as hot as from in va!
and according to ga...we didn't have it so hot either..

the cows like that ond but so do the snakes
naw i don't get in it..