Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buried Treasure Post..

Participating in Seth Apter's 'Buried Treasure"
I was surprised to learn I have been blogging 4 years!
3 years ago..I think... I was commissioned by "Laura Ingels Homestead" living museum located in De Smet South Dakota...I did three styles of boxes for them that year, this was my favorite though.
The "painting" is an elixir created from crushed glass, pigments and flux. Fired in the kiln, the "paint" becomes new the image fuses into the glass substrate...the boxes were constructed using bevels for the bottoms sides and an antique glass for the painted parts, lid and bottom. The solder lines were sculpted to finish the box decoratively.
Thank you for sharing this moment and helping me participate with Seth's collaboration.


MrCachet said...

You too! I'm going to post early in the AM so I can link back to his post.

That's a really neat box, Mary. It looks like handwriting either in front or behind the image. How do you do that?

Diane said...

So beautiful--I love it!

Mar said...

ty ty
@dave...i wanted a kind of mixed media look to the box
to incorporate as many of the points we wanted to show across as possible
it is kinda tricky with glass
but with a clear box there are more possibilities
i did her image on the lid
than partial script with her signature (authorized by the the board) on the bottom piece so closed the image ghosted through
good question

Marit said...

This is amazing... it looks intruiging and it's quite a technique! WOW. I think I stick to my paper and markers though... it sounds really difficult!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a great buried treasure. That box is superb. I can see why it was a favorite.

Dianne said...

gorgeous box...great choice for re-posting!

Cheri said...

the box is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Debrina said...

Hi Mar - just read your comment on my blog and thought, "What excellent advice, Mar!". Then I thought, there's no point just saying that out loud, Mar won't hear you, lol! so there, I've told you now. Thanks for the advice about taking everything, finished or not, to the art fair. Also, I just love this buried treasure. That box is just so beautiful. I love small details and everything about this box is perfect!!!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! I love that you got to use her actual handwriting as part of the piece! How cool! :-)

ArtPropelled said...

Wow this is such a beautiful box! Amazing technique that you use too.

Sarah said...

That is so beautiful and I love the name of the technique-or is it the mixture of materials? An elixir. Magical!

jiLy said...

Never saw this before. What a beautiful box and so glad to learn of your beautiful work!