Friday, December 17, 2010

Last of the Christmas orders...done

these are the last 2 commissions that were to be done for Christmas! the 2 small bevel panels were shipped out today...and will arrive Thursday...close!

then the grandma platters...the first set we chose glass that plainly wanted to misbehave...which had me nervous over the whole project..what if the next glass does this too..(it can happen)

so client came and reselected a different sheet for these granny and Nana platters
the children's hands were traced and then i made a stencil of their hands

first i used frits and powders but the purple and pink colors that were to represent the girls were to close to the base composition of the substrate glass
so i ended up having to use enamels..which still set the tone of the color..even tho the bottom plate looks as if both of the pairs of hands are purple
the bigger hands are pink..just where i took the picture absorbed the true colors
these are lead free enamels

the irregular edge lends to a unique arty appeal that says i ordered this just for you
i think you are special!

done in time for Christmas gifting...

how is that list doing there for you??

ho ho ho...


MrCachet said...

List? Check. All done? Check.

Ready for Christmas? Hmmmm.

Like you, I'm busy with a major piece that I've been working on for the past week. It's about half done. I'm glad I took care of the Christmas gifting early. So - I get to listen to Alan Jackson's 'Let it be Christmas', and use my pencil sharpener a lot!

Oh yes, the panels look wonderful, and the platters? As Special as Special can be.

V Bridges Hoyt said...

Beautiful! I would love to be on the receiving end of either of these pieces. :)

Linda said...

Great work! And a very clever idea :-)

Sarah said...

Beautiful work as always Mary and I love the sentiment on the platter! Cassie says thanks for being her champion. When all around her were saying she had oversized paws, you stood up for her! At least I think that is what she would say if she could talk!