Saturday, November 6, 2010

AEDM day 6

Today was just beautiful outside! TOTALLY unusual for here this time of year.
That isn't the reason I didn't get very far in my painting though.

I kinda experienced some issues with it and thought about ditching it...then I began fixing on I don't really want to show it until tomorrow after I might have a chance to go further on it...sooo

Here is a hankie bowl in pastel...
Same techniques as in the previous bowl. Using powders and frits and vitreous stains and enamels with the kiln heat become permanent
to the design.

The top pictures gives an idea of the height and the bottom picture shows more of the detail...I don't think i brought it to the viewers attention, as with the other bowl both sides view the same.
Each of these bowls began on clear glass.

So I hope you had a wonderful day ...
Thank you for dropping in


tammy vitale said...

My main media is clay. i side tracked to glass last year and discovered that it is much more persnikity than clay. This year I haven't done much. But I still have supplies so may tackle it again next year. Lovely little bowl!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Once again, I am so impressed with your lovely bowl. The freeform shape is so organic. You have a wealth of knowledge on glass, and I hope lots of people visit and see how great your glass and paintings are.

We had a great day here, too! Hope we both have more of the same.

winnsangels said...

Gorgeous bowls Mary. Hoping you have better luck with your painting today. I know the feeling exactly.

Anne said...

What great colors!

I understand what you mean about wanting to ditch a work in progress. I feel that way all the time! Don't give up on it!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Pretty bowl! :-)