Monday, November 15, 2010

AEDM day 14 and 15

First let me tell you about the weather today...sunny and is a picture of it hailing! WRONG weather people ...again.

Next I am still working on photos for my moms Xmas present. I am fixing her up with one of those digital frames...since she doesn't live nearby or plan to ever visit here i thought to put lots of area photos plus of course family stuff in the frame
editing takes FOREVER!!!

Last night the birds were just flocking to the trees outside my studio..there were tons of them.

I kept trying to get closer and closer and they would move around but never fully left.

It was beginning to get dark when this picture was taken and just a few moments before the next picture was taken so you can see how fast the sun was dropping at this time of the day
like around 5 or maybe 6...probably closer to 5..
sorta time lapsed it for you.

In the next picture though you can see they were robins!
look how red they are!

I am not exactly painting but still cleaning on this panels pieces and I have been taking pictures so that is my art...
Are YOU continuing to art a day?
I have to say it is quite the challenge to art EVERY day! to do what i typically consider arting
Everything a person does in a day is art. (I think this is the challenge to realize this)
You can artfully ask a question, or answer the regular tasks...cook the meal, change the diaper
it is all a manner of art...
In my opinion, art can be the typical or non it is all good...


Bea said...

Love the Robin flocking picture. I was sure our Bluebirds had left when most of the Robins left town. Yesterday, I saw about six of them sitting in a birch tree near the house. HEY, GUYS you really need to go SOUTH or WEST or where ever it is you go, for the winter. GET GOING! :)Bea

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! I definitely think cooking is an art. Well, at least cooking WELL is an art! But you are right ... if you put your heart into your work, if you put in the love, almost anything can be art! Great photos! :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed with the bird photo. I love birds, and they have sort of become an obsession of mine. Anything we make is art. And it IS hard to be creative and post every day. Although I have not kept up with the CED challenges, I am making art and posting every day. It is very hard and time consuming, especially if your plate is full, so to speak.