Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reverse Painted Shade Traditional

"Wave Of Conflict" is a traditionally reverse painted lampshade. (in lit state)
I did this one back in the 90's and it won an award at the Museum show I had it entered. Back in Va.
I am showing you this to prepare you for the next few postings that you can follow along for how I get to the finished product.

First of all, I use finely ground grass with mineral and ores mixed to a texture that is like paint.
With a brush I lay the design onto the inside of the shade.
(think reverse of how you traditionally might paint a picture)
this much is fired in the kiln...for painting a crystal such as this shade I have to use low-firing mixtures..technically more flux is added...the temps I am taking this to are no higher than 1100 or my crystal will cave on me.
(yes it happened)

Next step is I matte the inside of the shade...A black "paint" is mixed up then put totally over the inside of the shade
everything gets covered up...then I slowly brush the matte away with special stippling brushes that will lend the texture and subtle shading to my images
after MANY hours of brush away step...the shade gets fired again.

Then each color I decide to use on the images and backgrounds get scheduled as each color matures at a different temperature. So highest temps first and so on...

The lampshade you will watch grow is about the homesteaders moving west. This shade is designated for a museum showing in OK with the Chisolm Trail can see the link over to the right of this post.
Check it out some mighty fine artist are part of this group.

The show is in March I have some work to be doing and fast...Right after Christmas I leave for Texas...and this needs to be done...or I have to drive my ownself down and back..and I am not much on this chore...
I am opting for being DONE!

More explanations will be given for each step as we follow the Homesteaders
along their trail to being a reverse shade...

Have a great week!...and thank you for coming by!


V Bridges Hoyt said...

Beautiful! Looks terrific, Mar!!! I can't wait to see the original in March.

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

this is amazing work Mary..
truly wonderful! can't wait to see whats next

miz katie said...

That is amazing, Mary. So beautiful. I'm in awe of your work. I have no idea how you make the things you is like magic to me.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an amazing lamp. I can see why it won an award. The base and finial remind me of a Bradley-Hubbard lamp. I call them the "poor man's Tiffany." You paired the shade with the base quite well, too. This is quite stunning, and I look forward to following your progress.

No snow here, just wind.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Oh my word! What a labor of love! :-)