Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snow Doggies

Blizzarding today! In the one picture you can see the snow and the winds are blowing. Here Baby (in the front) Snowflake (middle) and Roach are helping clear the snow out of their kennels.

They love to play in the snow...I tried to capture some pictures of that but I wasn't successful...maybe tomorrow.
This is part of the kennels then you see off the driveway joining the road...you can't see across the road the snow is thick.


Altered Route said...

Wasn't that snow storm a duzzy!?! We ended up with 38 inches from the first wave then 2 ft. TUFF stuff to get around in. I thought your dogs were bucket calves at first...lol....stay warm!

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Hi Baby, Snowflake, and Roach! Cute doggies! Love seeing them. Lotsa snow! Have to say I don't miss it! :-)