Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Restoration Update

These pictures might look the same but, there is different phases involved and I hope if you click on and enlarge the image you might see the difference.

The first picture shows all the pieces pulled apart from the old lead and most of the cement removed. There are 2 pieces i need to rummage through the extras pile to see if I can come up with a match.
This second picture shows the difference between cleaned pieces and then the grungy particle cement pieces...can you see the difference ?
On the bottom row look at the purple piece then the gold triangle and the next purple piece...you should see a difference in the shine versus no shine.

This shows the textured side and you can see the cement that has to be picked out of the grooves. The black pieces on the napkin is the cement that gets removed.
This picture is showing the panel from a different view with a close up of the peak..looking down the panel from the peak down the center there is an elongated triangle piece then the first small purple triangle. From the elongated triangle to the peak has yet been cleaned. I am moving along good even though it looks like I have a lot yet to do.
If you look at the peak pieces I would like you to notice how well the craftsman cut and then chipped away to curve the purple Fleur De Lea...he didn't have a motorized grinder like today to grind away that shape...he was a good craftsman!

The next update will show the panel ready to solder.


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I had no idea a stained glass window could get so dirty! My gracious! You can certainly tell where you've cleaned! Great work! :-)

~Barb~ said...

Stained glass is so beautiful...so to see how you are restoring these pieces is just so cool. How gorgeous!
Peace & Love,

Christy said...

fascinating. looking at the piece that shows the back and the grooves you must clean i gain a whole new respect for your work. although i could do this (it's a lot like writing lots of code) i think halfway would be the hardest part for me :)