Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next Collage Started

I began the next collage in the Homestead SD series.
The homestead in this picture is a little large.
You can see the additions made as the farm prospered.
This painting is better planned than the last one I hope it goes together easier and faster.
I enlarged a portion of map with the Platte area.
It shows Rt 44..that is taken W of town.
I will put an road going south that will lead to the rest of the directions and the title of the painting...2 mi W 5 mi S...I think it will be 5 miles I need to travel it to make sure.
The fence I am going to put in the foreground of this painting will be a post and barbed wire model. In my mind the fences tie it together as a element for my series.
The homestead painting on the canvas you see i am taking from a photograph I took of the place.
Using permanent ink I have drawn the likeness and used several washes to get this much to date.
Stay tuned


LaY hOoN said...

Whoa !!!
Can't wait to see your finished 2nd house, 3rd house, and so on.

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! Can't wait to see how this painting turns out! :-)

~Barb~ said...

This is such a wonderful series, Mar...and this one is really awesome. I love the plat map being included. Very cool...I can't wait to see how you progress with it.
Peace & Love,

mary schweitzer said...

I can't wait to watch this one evolve!
And the window is stunning!

Dianne said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...I appreciate your comments. your blog reflects a wide range of interests & talents! I went all the way down to the "deep-fried turkey" post...the window restoration project is awesome and a big time commitment.your glass boxes are so cool...your home is spacious & welcoming and your studio is to die-for! love the journal cover from SW class...good luck on your new homestead series. it is shaping up and so intriguing.

morningDove said...

you are a many faceted talented artist. i love looking at your stain glass work and the collages, well, i am envious. i must go repent, right!lol, but you are amazing.