Sunday, March 8, 2009

Painting Progress

Not much to report.
Here is the progress on my collage painting.
In a post down you can see where I left off.
Layers of paint have been added next will be the directions from town to get there. I am hoping this will be well received for people who like to take pieces of SD home with them.
I have more to add I am not "there" with it yet.
I came back to describe what I have so far...
I wasn't so far a long as I remembered in the other post.
The house is a house off route 50 to Chamberlain.
I LOVE old houses and barns and I photograph them all the time.
My intentions originally were to just frame them and try to sell them as a memento of a visitors visit. But I am liking the collage painting look better.
Next will go the directions "from Platte 10 miles west on HWY 44 then RTE 50 N just south of Chamberlain there is the house...I think this might make a nice series as well..for the collector, or the living ancestor of that particular Homestead...who identifies and wants to have the painting to remember the site by.
Anyway, this is where I am.


Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I love how it looks! I like the "halo" spotlighting the house. And I love, love, LOVE that fence! :-)

Ronnie said...

Love what you're doing here. I'm a hit and run a lot of the time. I here but being rude running off without commenting. Learning a lot!!!
Thanks for what you do here.

LaY hOoN said...

Beautiful paint !!!!
I love the wood fence too :)
Can't wait to see the finish paint work.

I love trees recently :p

~Barb~ said...

Hey Mar...I love old houses and barns (and solitary trees, too) and find myself photographing them all the time, also. Your piece is really coming along beautifully!
Peace & Love,