Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine ATC

I worked up an ATC today.
# 1 gesso a piece of cardboard.
# 2 I smeared a little red airbrush paint onto the piece.
# 3 I took a copy of a ledger printed onto regular paper
and gel transferred onto the piece as my background.
I have found that gel medium in gloss works the best for a gel transfer.
Apply the medium onto the area you want to transfer
a thin coat smeared in a few directions assures a good coverage...
lay onto the area of transference.
Burnish well...(means rub over)
I use a credit card, or a fid, or a bone folder...anything smooth..even the bottom of a glass.
Burnish smooth..and leave 5-7 can let it dry but then you have a LOT of clean up
I like to be able to peel most of the paper off (begin in the corner gently lifting the image to make sure it has been left...if not wait a bit longer...)
this leaves the impression and a lot less paper backing to rub off
# 4 Wet finger and begin to gently rub off the will able to feel the difference and know you are done...this is a gentle rubbing if you rub too hard you will lift off your image.
# 5 let dry completely
# 6 I added a stamp using black acrylic paint...then painted on the hearts and added the lettering with a stamp and red acrylic paint.
# 7 Then sealed it with polyurethane
I find this helps bring depth to painted areas using inks or paints...
Hope you enjoyed the process...thanks for looking...


Diane said...

This is great! Thanks so much for providing your instructions.

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I like the bold red pops of color on this! And what a great sentiment, too! :-)

Linda said...

Great instructions Mary - and a lovely ATC.
Linda :-)

Ruby Claire said...

Thanks so much for sharing the tutorials! They are fabulous, your creations are beautiful! (:

Candace said...

Thanks so very much for this post today, Mary. I will try this on -- when else? Feb 14! I love all the different ins and outs on your blog. Fun fun fun.
Found you through Anne Gaal and someone else... mmmm. Who is it? Can't remember. Dang.
Candace in Athens

Ronnie said...

Hey Mar,
So glad you dropped by my humble blog yesterday. Thanks for the nice comments about my Yogi Tea Boy painting. Keeps me going!
Thank Anne (just a guess) for sending you over. It's obvious I can learn a WHOLE lot from you!
Amazing stuff you're doing here.
I'll be baaaaack,
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've never worked with air brush paint. You have me intrigued. You sure make it look easy. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.