Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was looking through some of my art books and spied this real cool looking background procedure...only I didn't choose colors very well. They mixed up looking more green than I thought they would. I did like the process though. Choose your colors and dribble them and puddle them *hint* don't use too will make a lot more than you think. At the end of the 'canvas' create the puddle and lines and at the top will be the master color, a straight line across. (I think I am telling this right)
Pull it all to the end of the 'canvas' this will stain the surface. I collected the staining paint onto a second surface and the result is below on a piece of cardboard.

Since I didn't particularly like the stain...I have had trouble working with it...this is the result so far, trying to 'lighten' it up. I am still going to work on it more. I like where it is headed now though.
I collected what pulled off the first canvas and pulled that across a second canvas...a piece of cardboard...and pulled the 'stain' to the end of that piece...let it all dry.

Here is the cardboard piece with added layers. I really like where this piece is going.

On the canvas substrate I had added a couple of transfer images, only I didn't like the result so I painted over them...I tell you this so you realize there isn't a mistake in the creation of paintings, it is an evolution!


Anne said...

Hi Mary! The first piece might not have turned out the way you planned, but I think it looks gorgeous! In the first pic, it looked like rolling fields.

I like how you've worked a bit of the complimentary color (orange, rust) into both pieces. They look great! Can't wait to see where you take them! :-)

Seth said...

This is looking great. Hope you show us the finished piece.

LaY hOoN said...

huh... i like the final result.
Such mysterious beautiful.

When I start doing art piece, I never know what will it look like.
May be like what you said here, 'Evolution' due to mistake ?

Contessa Kris said...

I love all the background pieces you have made so far! I personally love the direction the green background is going. I'm curious as to your supplies used. I can recognize the fluid acrylics (what are your fav colors?) but what are the other substrates you used? Something sandable is all I could make out. I also like the tree image on one of the backgrounds. Is that a transfer too? So interesting and I always love learning about the products people use and how.