Thursday, February 19, 2009


In the SoulJournalgroup in yahoo we chose some definitive words to work off in a journal spread.
I am wwaaaaay behind but the word I chose and believed was my word of the "year" is

I have been thinking and thinking and thinking some more about this unique "magical" word ever since I heard it on Oprah when she began her Best life series.
I was 'looking' for magic...willing to 'buy' a dream.

HOW can I bring 'balance' into my life.
Make it work so I can be at peace, thinner, wiser, more efficient, ...
Indeed this IS a magical word...
but, but, I WANT to find all this balance too... just like Oprah's guests...

There isn't a magic word. ME YOU WE are magic already.
This is right here.
I don't need to go any further than my own back yard...(or front pasture if you will).
Looking for the magic pill, the magic system, a magic is all right here.

Look no further than yourself to give you the inspiration to slow down,
eliminate the clutter,
eat less of a portion and begin to have a balanced diet..walk around a little and enjoy the outside.. to give a balance of some exercise

enjoy the sunshine...go sit outside a minute, to begin a balance of rest

work less hours so you can spend more time with your family (spending quality time make the time you spend with family and friends count),

need less
so you can make the pay you bring home be efficient and enough so you don't need to work overtime...(work IS important to pay the bills and get a little extra supplies...but, in moderation)
I should become less of a procrastinator and make the most of the minutes I have to spend time on the things I would like to do...and say I don't have time for...plan out my time better.

Okay I think you get the general message I am trying to send...we all need ...i need balance...this is my spread.

"No further than my own front pasture. "

Looking at the beautiful trees we have planted, the groves growing up, beautifying my view, bringing a balance to nature, giving me a harmonious feeling, brought to me the simplicity of... 'balance'.
I took a closer look ...inward...and found out it is all right here too...
the little AHA moment.

To create the spread..(which didn't exactly turn out as I envisioned, but works) I took a picture of the pasture and transferred the image using the 'gel transfer' technique. (I could have sketched it just as well)

added some layers of paint, including the creek that runs through the bottom.. added the panes of windows that I look through
wrapped it all up in a gold bow ...leaving off the centering of balance because imperfect and making adjustments.. is just fine by me...

thanks for looking...and I hope everyone finds their own sense of don't need to look very far.


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! This page is lovely! You make gel transfers look so good! Love the concept of balance. Of everything in moderation. And I like that your page on balance isn't PERFECTLY in balance, either... but on it's way! :-)

Zom said...

It is interesting how the window panes divide the picture up, but then the ribbon and the word brings it back in a whole again.
Very nice.

Balance is big for me too.

Mischief Maker said...

I think balance is what evey one needs. Sometimes it is just a matter of being able to accept what life has given you and be able to work with it. I love your picture.

Shell said...

a beautiful picture. Balance is a great word for the year. It is something we all need, yet at times hard to attain.

Laura Kay said...

Balance, what a powerful word/concept. Your work is always so rich. Thanks for letting us know what your thinking.

grrl+dog said...


*nods* thanks for the gentle reminder..

Christy said...

Ok. Love the page. It's wonderful. But... what you have written in your post was really fantastic. The way you conversationally took us along your thought process was very cool!

LaY hOoN said...

B A L A N C E ..such a thoughtful word for you for this year.