Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ATC lessons

I signed up for the ATC lessons off A.R.T. artists of the round table art group. I just noticed I am out of sequence...this is 3.
From Bernie Berlins Artists Trading Card 28

I didn't get all that carried away with the production of this card.
magazine image
gel medium
fine point marker
opaque markers
acrylic paint
detail brush
Finding an image took the most time...cut out affix to card. Use gesso and paint over the image
then work on the details from is to practice getting over fears of drawing and painting.
use the opaque markers...i think mine are drying up ...i had a difficult time making them color.
I added the door...and answers found here...
that is the ATC for the day...
The enlargement is kind of blurry...sorry 'bout that
Thanks for looking.


~Barb~ said...

This is great, Mar! Great way to get over that fear, too...I'll have to try that.

Thank you so much for your kind note today...hearing that from you really helps me feel less fearful about taking the plunge. Now to just get my stuff together, finish my basic outline, do some fliers and just DO IT! *eeek* lol

Thank you, again!

Peace & Love,

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Love the ATC! :-)