Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long Term Project

The Avera Hospital here in Platte, SD just delivered these panels for restoration. The 2 panels on the table will be restored, using the parts from the panels on the floor. They are building a chapel in the hospital, where these units will be permanently displayed.

The first task is to make a working pattern from the best (most intact) of the two panels. Then I pull off the old lead. Which doesn't look like it will be a problem, it is literally falling apart. Then, I clean all the old cement off the glass parts and dig around in the spare parts for a piece to replace the broken and missing pieces.

Then, I reconstruct the units with new lead and cement. Reinforce and up to the chapel they go.
With out any major complications this should probably take 2 months.
Depending on my work and lesson planning with demonstrations to schedule working into studio time.
This is where the word of the year for me...."Balance" is going to come into play!

There isn't going to be much to show for progress reports...I will probably just re post these pictures with the finished results when the time comes.

Just thought you might be interested in being on the first level of something like this.



Anne said...

Hi, Mary! Looks like quite the project! The leading between the glass pieces is clearly aged and some pieces are even missing. Good luck! :-)

Diane said...

Oh my..this looks like a job & a half! Good for you for taking on this challenge. I do not doubt for a moment that they will turn out beautifully!

Linda said...

What a project! This will be so rewarding I should imagine.
I look forward to seeing the final result.
Linda :-)

Christy said...

This is fascinating. 2 months? wow. I think this is very cool that you are posting the process of this project. Not something I could/would ever do but it is fun to see how/what you do!

Shopgirl said...

This is wonderful, I will be back,
hugs, mary