Sunday, March 23, 2008

Transferring Tests

Since I am presenting transfer techniques on the 29th, I have to practice them this week. The art groups are in a craze with transfers as well this week...this really helps me since there has been a revelation transferring using acrylic paint as the substrate for the transfer. I had been wondering about this and Claudine Hellmuth cleared it up for us by just doing it...she has a little movie presenting it at a show recently. Here is my result. I used Metallic Pearl acrylic from Golden line as the substrate to receive the image. Placed the photo image onto the painted watercolor paper. Let it dry and wet it then peeled the paper off and the image appeared!

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Jillian said...

Hi Mary. Best of luck with your transfer class. I have never been successful with them. I saw a blog post by a gal who did transfers w/regular metallic acrylic craft paint--looks like I might be able to do this! :)