Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Does anyone take the time to click onto the list others have provided of blogs they visit?

The last week when I break from soldering ...I stretch up the stairs to the computer and I have been clicking into every one's saved sites.
I am amazed and in AWE of the talent abundant through the computer eyes.
I am still bewildered that airplanes actually can stay in the air to fly! so what can I say about computers...taking us places we have never been before.
Exploring arenas we wouldn't be able to without the connection of a wire!

Click the available resources and be prepared to be blown away with inspiration!!!!


Jillian said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for leaving me a blog comment the other day. I absolutely love to blog hop by clicking on blog favorites listed by other people. I have found such wonderful cyber treasures by doing that.

Diane said...

I always look at the blogs listed as favorites by others. A lot of times I end up adding their blog to my favorites list. Your blog is wonderful!