Monday, March 17, 2008


Boxes have been under construction for the Homestead Laura Ingles Wilder gift shop. I am more than half way through the first part of their order!
Isn't that a nice word. As good as sold!!
1/2 the order is for Laura in a young image. The other half is Laura older. I found 3 "older" versions so I am doing some of each.
The images are painted and fired in the kiln the same way as the saints...the old masters techniques.
The ladies may pick what they want and I will complete their order according to their choice. Or, they may like it divided like this and buy them as I present them.
It takes approximately 3 hours to construct and decorate a soldered glass box. Each of these has beveled sides. The top is Laura's image the bottom is like an expert of her journal or a letter with a portion (since size only permits that) of her signature.
So these are historical accuracies of Ms Laura and her beloved Homestead. "The Little House On The Prairie"

You see here body parts then them put together. I have a weeks worth left to do.

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Jillian said...

Congratulations on your Laura Ingles Wilder boxes. They are beautiful.