Friday, March 28, 2008

"The Trails" Platter

This is the first firing for color to this platter.

You see all these lines through the background That is a map of South Dakota
The bolder line that runs through the Woman Indian, Sacagawea, the guide for Lewis and Clark the trail they followed. (will be highlighted in red in the last firing)
The trail goes through Pierre, where so much happens during the growing years for SD.
Tepis are running throughout the platter representing the Indian Nations.
The Missouri river was the trail that brought goods to the area by Steamboat.
The fur traders brought their furs for trade. Represented in the wolf and the buffalo.
The railroad ran through here bringing goods from the East, by train.
Pierre was a huge hubbub where everyone gathered and bought their supplies.
The iron age is seen by the 2 elaborate bridges that banked in Pierre.
It is the capital of SD.
So this is the main focus for this piece.
I need another highlight I think over on the right side, I am not sure just what might happen over there yet.
This platter is part of the exhibit I will be in the Dacotah Prairie Museum, Aberdeen SD this fall.


Jillian said...

Hi Mary! Gosh-I can't wait to see how this piece evolves. It looks like it's going to be stunning. Have a good weekend.

purplepaint said...

Mary - this is so awesome! And your boxes!!!! I am impressed! Very cool! Oh and thank you for your nice comments you left on my blog. :) Marva