Thursday, March 20, 2008

Demos on the 29th

To update: Ms Susan came and picked up the Saints...She was happy with them and that makes ME happy...a done task.

The 29th I have committed to giving a demonstration at the Farm and Home show in Platte at the Armory building.
I think I am slated for midday. Ms Laura hasn't firmed up the schedule.
I need to practice the next few days and build up a show and tell inventory then decide just which technique I might try to entice the crowd with.
The easiest of course would to do a glass demo, but I am already known for being a glass artist.
I am interested in promoting ArtCamp and I need to instill that I am more than glass.
So while I am "cooking" Laura's (The Homestead order still flourishes) image into the tops and bottoms of a few more box parts I am also going to be creating backgrounds and some sort of other projects...which will go up here of course.

I have been thinking about this for days just WHAT do I demonstrate?
What kind of demonstration will make the people stop, ask a question, then maybe even think of signing up for a class!?
If you were out and about what kind of demonstration might make you stop to watch?
Maybe I am trying to think to hard about it.
What might be something in my opinion as so simple that no one will want to look at that ...will be exactly what they might like to see.
How does a demonstrator decide these things. I would rather be told what to demonstrate...that sure would be easy....lazy off I go to create...

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