Thursday, March 27, 2008

Laura Boxes Finished

Last night I polished the Laura boxes. This much of the project is complete.
I was scheduled to meet Ms Ann this morning but, it has snowed and the roads aren't fit for travel (in my opinion) and I am going to reschedule.
So after I reorganize the shop this will be a paint day.
Working on the next platter collage, "The Trail".
The focus is on trails that bring us forward in the west. The Lewis and Clark expedition, steamboats on the Missouri River bringing goods into Pierre, SD, the coming of the iron age in trains, fur traders. These are the highlights i am bringing forward in the body of this composition. It is almost to a point I photograph and details can be made out.
I will give a shot today before it goes into the kiln again. This piece is on its 4th firing!

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