Thursday, June 4, 2009

Been Doing Lots

First of all I want to show you the coolest rock! You can see it there in the center it holds water...for the birds but
it also looks like door turned the other way and i might put it that way...not sure yet, i found it walking through the trees looking for antlers.

Here I am setting up to stain glass for a birth announcement box.
Everything is ready.
Palette for grinding the glass and mixing up the stain
and glass substrate to make my marks.

Here the feet are applied and ready to fire in the kiln.

This is the piece I prepared to place the feet over to fuse to creating the desired ordered border...ladybugs.

Here is the finished top. a few bubbles appeared but they are kinda cute so i am thinking this is a keeper. Next i make the box part.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really, really want to come play in your studio, Mar. I love how you set things up and the care you take to document the process. I only wish I knew 1/100th as much about glass as you. I'm always impressed with your glass art.

Mar said...

awww shucks...she had me down right blushing and at such an ungodly hour 330AM!
up insearch of a "sound"
to be fair
i am learning how to be better at my information...the setting up document process
anne gaal...go check her blog out and you will see what i mean
she gives the information!
we can learn so much from each other
but elizabeth and bluebeard gave me an early smile

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I love the cool rock you found! The photos of the glass process are great! I like seeing all the frit and stuff ... with the big arch window in progress behind it! And thank you for the super sweet shout-out, too! :-)

LaY hOoN said...

Huh !!! It's such kind of great way to keep the footprint :)

Anonymous said...

This is like a mini tutorial... very cool result

bridgette said...

what an amazing process! wish i could see it in person.