Thursday, June 25, 2009


In the sky!! Last night was the most lightening activity I have seen in a couple of years. The one picture here and I can't tell which one it is right this second...I think the middle one,
looks like the strike is echoing.

The storm was actually happening in Nebraska...which is directly South of us. Our place attracts storms and a lot of them start in our field and move off.

Storms are intense on the plains. I saw flashing under the shades,
eeearyyy looking flashes
and heard nothing, so I assumed there was a fire..panicked I ran to the door.

Of course lightening like this could start a fire if things were dryer. But since it is wet and green still
I could relax and just watch the amazing show...then too I needed to worry about a tornado, but it didn't 'feel' like that.

I have been busy finishing up this 2 panel restoration project, (story somewhere in past post)
very close to done! When I flip the panel today soldering side 2 and clean up...then delivery hopefully Monday.
I can get back to my Layer Love lessons...Everyone I think is on the last lesson, I am still on lesson 5...but I will get caught up quick!

Thanks for stopping in... :)


Anne said...

Hi, Mary! Most amazing photos of lightning! Wow! I've seen storms out on the wide plains before and it can be astonishing to watch when the sky is "that big". I remember one storm in particular, where we were in Kansas but the storm was north of us, probably in Nebraska, too! Anyway, we watched the lightning for what seemed like hours. Glad you're safe! :-)

LaY hOoN said...

The lightning photos are amazing !!
It is not easy to capture the lightning !!!
Seems that the lightning is so closed to your house.

Sarah said...

I love a good storm and this one sounds and looks amazing! Just wanted to say hi and to let you know I love the phrase 'panties in a wad'! I would say 'knickers in a twist'. I hope no one really ever does do that!
Have a good weekend.
Sarah :)

Redfish Artwork said...

Wow Mary, these pictures are spectacular! They are mystical too. We have been having terrible storms here too and the whole country seem to be having breaking records of heat! Glad you are safe, these are great pictures. Hugs, Vickie

Lori Saul said...

Fabulous photos- what a dramatic display! I so enjoyed discovering your blog and seeing your wonderful artworks _ I love your soldered glass box. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!