Sunday, June 7, 2009


See how cool the rock is now!...
i had to flip it over
the birds are on their own for a little bath.

i need to make one of those little doors for it...
a faery door!
the big metal jaw looking things
are called
when we worked the water...a bazillion years ago
these are what were on the boat that craig caught clams with
they dropped over the side
grabbed a chunk of bottom
raised up back onto the boat
opened on the culling board
where the clams were dug from the bottom catch and kept
then the rest was swept back overboard
and another grab made back over
craig typically worked on 60 feet of water draw
and the tongs were set/dropped/back up every 30 seconds
fast work
needed to be alert...if the hydraulics messed up
you were looking at 300 pounds of metal trying to whack at you
it could hurt...
for inquiring minds...


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I like spying a little piece of Platte! Home to tiny fairies and thirsty birds! Those tongs sure look vicious! The boat would not be a great place for me, I tend to daydream or wander off in thought and next thing you know those tongs would heave me overboard! :-)

AnnetteVille said...

Can't believe you mentioned a fairy door! The universe keeps putting them in my path, so it must be time for me to make one too!

Sarah said...

Hi Mar!
Thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comment! I have enjoyed looking at your blog too-I love all the different projects you have going on and the fact that you bring chunks of great rock home from your walks!
Will visit again soon!

Sarah said...

I am the empress too!

peggy gatto said...

What a delight!!!!!