Friday, June 12, 2009

Layer Lesson 4

Layer Love directed by Julia Prichard lesson 4 in gray tones and introducing crackle paste.

She used Tim Holtz crackle paste and that stuff looked a lot easier to produce good results than from what I used being the Golden crackle paste.

I had lot of problems with my crackle cracking. It has been determined (we think) that the paste had begun drying out as it sat on my shelf waiting to be tried.

I did the best I could with this lesson.
I am behind by 3 probably 4 lessons now so I done with this one.
Here is the example.

I learned that in using crackle the project must be immobile (so tape down the paper).
Should have a creamy consistency.
And crackle doesn't chalk flake.

I probably never would have experimented with the stuff so in doing the exercise I gained that practice.



Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I love this background! All the yummy layers of gray. Reminds me of a stormy day when you can look out over the ocean and just see it raining for miles! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well is does look like a beautiful old and plastered wall to me...nice job!

Ophelia said...