Friday, June 12, 2009

Lady Bug Box

Finished the little feet box birth announcement.

The decorative effect on the solder is little lady bugs.

Aren't they cute!

the bevels added along the sides of a box allow light to enter and illuminate the lid.


Together We Save said...

This is a reaaly cute idea.

Diane said...

Those ladybugs are precious! The entire project is quite beautiful!

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! The lady bug box turned out great! I like the idea of including the bevels to let more light inside to illuminate the top. Super idea! :-)

LaY hOoN said...

This is such a precious piece !

Karen said...

What a wonderfully sweet treasure! I've enjoyed reading about your progress with this and I just love your idea to let the light in to illuminate the top!

TonyaA said...

So creative and gorgeous!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,