Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prom come to Fergie's

I work as waitress at Fergie's...
we have event after event and the decor is always changing.
We are ready for the Prom.
I can't think right now the name of the couple with the lovely gray gown,
I really liked how the back of her gown was done...
after I took pictures of these two couples
we became over graced with these Prom goer's
I didn't have time for more pictures.
I work with Chelsey (waitress)
who is in the white gown with blue design...
she was happy and radiant for the event.
The original date was postponed due to a blizzard, so the event was Monday evening.

I understand they all had a great event!


Janet said...

The gray gown is so pretty. I love the way it shimmers just a little, and the back is beautiful. I had forgotten that it was Prom time.

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Great pictures! That gray dress is amazing! And her fella looks all sophisticated, too, with his matching silver gray vest and tie. It's nice seeing a picture of Chelsea, too! Her dress is very pretty with all the embroidery. Seems to suit her. Sorry that they had to postpone the prom! Hope they had fun all the same! :-)

Diane said...

Lovely pictures. be so young! I do love the back of that dress, too! Have a wonderful Easter.