Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Crew

Happy Easter! Here is the Easter crew at my son's JR and Jen's.

We have Hannah who is 4 and very helpful to her brother...

The three boy's... the tall figure is Steven, 15..the younger brother is Tristan 10...then the youngest Charlie is 2...Charlie is rarely this clean...he is a big eater and generally a mess from his active pursuit of food.
A close up of Steven and Charlie...yeah Steven needs a haircut...he 'thinks' he is letting it grow. He has learned to play his guitar ...and is actually very good at it, but I think he harbors that he is a rock star...hence needs the long haired image...?

Their mom Jen...a rare picture she usually runs from the camera!
The background shows where JR is remodeling the kitchen...rock will go on that prepared wall behind the cabinets, you might can barely see the counter...he made it from cement that he then polished...turned out awesome! When he finishes I will tour you through the makeover.

That is the visit to JR and Jen' it is studio time...
Have a great day!


Diane said...

I didn't see a pic of your son. What a fine looking family. Jen must be a busy girl! Have a Happy Easter!
Hugs, Diane

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Lovely pics of the family! Hope you had a pleasant holiday weekend! :-)