Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journal Homework #4

Week 4 into Sarah Whitmire's advanced journal techniques...she is a fabulous inspiration and she will be offering another class soon. If possible... I recommend her. http://sarahwhitmire.blogspot.com/

Okay construct pockets to place our tags...I didn't have any of the recommended paper...a paper bag, so I used an envelope...worked fine. Tape it into the journal, I used copper tape...write some words in the tape..one side to represent negative/fear the other side positive/love. Did that, then swipe some black paint over the negative side and white on the positive and stamp background in same paint...did it. I am a simple person so I stayed fairly basic.

Here are both sides open.
Use stamps to create the background I chose spiderweb..because it represents the dark side to me...I don't fear the web ..but I do a spider!
I am probably older than most of the participants and certainly so as far as Sarah is concerned.
My fears stem to the healthy side of life. I do very much respect the body. It carries us through so much and still keeps going but, even under the best intentions serving up the most healthy choices in food and exercise...I do fear the imminent will still be a wheelchair.

Here is my positive side.
Where I have prepared for and enjoyed every moment of the 29 years I have spent truly.. with my soul mate, my other half...a very special, considerate encouraging man, whom without these years would have been such the missed adventure.
And this concludes lesson 4


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Very moving journal pages. They represent so much to you personally. Thanks for sharing their story! :-)

mary schweitzer said...

I love the webs! But spiders are my biggest phobia!
The story you told is touching.
And your stained glass is just beautiful!
I love your work.

Caroline said...

Its good to hear you've been enjoying her class so much - I'm currently taking an altered book class and a stencil class which is why I didn't feel I had enough time to take Sarah's class too.

And wonderful to see your tribute to and hear of such a soul mate too (I've been with mine for 14 years and truly appreciate him too!)

Diane said...

Hi Mar,
I have an award for you on my blog.
Looks like your journal class is a lot of fun.

Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Mary,

Beautiful sentiments on your pages! Wow. I can relate to your fear of being in a wheel chair. As you know one of my greatest fears is illness and death, since I have faced many serious medical conditions in my life so far. For me, that fear is what makes everything else so wonderful though, each moment precious and treasured. :)

I love your copper tape (gotta get me some of that) and you have the same awesome “Love” stamp that I have! Jared got it for me for Easter a few years back. LOL It is so sweet to see how long you have been with your hunny. I wish you many more years of love!



Nathalie G. said...

I love your webs and I do not like spiders but they're good for nature...
I'm married for 23 years and the longer we're together the more we are in love.

Seth said...

Great pages, which such a meaningful basis. Looking forward to seeing more.

bockel24 said...

love that project!