Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pilot Light

Milliande has a prompt for the Lighthouse, on her Ning, what it might symbolize, or mean.
I chose the Hatteras Light in Hatteras NC,USA.
Her life parallels to mine. She stood strong with her daily life struggles for over a hundred years. Helping to guide survivors and stave off ships to close the shoals. Then, due to external environmental conditions, they moved her inland.
Me too.
I moved inland to the Midwest. Escaping the external hazards of the horrendous crime and exorbitant VA common law tax.
Where my spirit is freer to roam without the crowds of neighbors (my closest neighbor is 2 miles in either direction!) A bit (but not by much) more reasonable tax structure, but they are trying to mimic their cousin states had as they can.
Some changes took awhile to adjust to...but on the whole the move was good.
Hatteras Light, no longer in operation, in order to remain intact needed to be moved...she endured the change and can remain a beacon of strength for admirers, who deem to research her history and legacy years to come.


mary schweitzer said...

You captured the sea perfectly with your blues!

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Beautiful page! I love the sense of the ocean that I get looking at the page. I feel the wind, the waves, the mist! :-)

Sandy..... said...

Pretty page! I've also been curious what sort of journals people use or if they make their own and i see you have a loose page ready to be inserted somewhere.. I love this idea, but I'm so intimidated by the "binding" portion of making my own.

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I've nominated you for a blog award. Click through my name to my blog and check it out! :-)