Sunday, April 5, 2009

Journal Lesson Week 2

We ended up having quite a few pages with this particular exercise. I didn't complete but 2 pictures altered, so these are all I show. Even though my pages are falling apart, I learned what they were supposed to become. I will definitely have a better idea of where to cut my frames. Tape goes on before coloring the pages, it sticks better. My pages aren't nearly as pretty as Sarah Whitmire's. This post takes up 2 post areas.

Even though the pictures may not show the details, we used gesso for achieving some stenciled places, which allows for raised elements. I learned that regular gesso only is best for this process. Hard sandable gesso, (a Golden product) proves to thin. The raised areas a cool feature. A bit of a learning curve for deciding the best way to bring them into better focus.

I learned a lot from the exercise.

As you continue into the next segment the very bottom picture is for week three's assignment. We will be distressing tags. I didn't have any tags and no place to go get any so, I made some from a file folder.

Thanks for looking.


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I think you're learning a lot from this class! And experimenting with a lot of fun techniques! Cool pages! :-)

Christy said...

Your pages turned out beautiful to me. Mine are not falling apart :) but my journal is made from thin pages (it's an altered book) so it is very flimsy and adding heavy watercolor paper taped to it doesn't work very well LOL
Mine are still not done but I hope they turn out as nice as yours have!

Nathalie G. said...

your pages are soo cool.

Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Mary,

Wow! I think your pages look beautiful! I love all the pinks and blues and doodling. :)

If the tape you have isn't working i'd try some good ol' fashioned duct tape. They have it in all kinds of different colors these days too. It really sticks to almost anything.



grrl+dog said...

You are rocking, grrl!

Janet said...

Your pages are really cool! What class are you taking? It looks like fun.

LaY hOoN said...

Whoa !! Your pages turned out so great and artistic.
Enjoy your class and hope to see more of your works.