Sunday, April 12, 2009

Journal Homework

Week three we distressed tags. I used cut to shape file folders, as I didn't have tags.

Using Sarah Whitmire's elixir for our distressing solution, I stained the tags and used various 'things' laid on the tag to leave a ghosted impression...this sorta worked.

Then we used word study as our prompt. I chose:

Wist-ful adj: Characterized by melancholy, longing, yearning/Hap-py: blessed, charmed, content

En-thus-i-asm: effort, absorbing interest, eagerness/In-dif-fer-ence: apathy, lack of interest,detachment

Love warm attachment, cherish, embrace/Hatred: dislike, loathe

We looked for images to put on the cards...wrote and stamped on them and embellished them somewhat.

On the one card you will see a lady at a table..she is writing...preparing...the lessons I plan to offer this summer at the gallery. Enthusiastic about the venture.

Content is a lot of areas...holding the babies, enjoying a snuggle, standing by the ocean breathing in the salty air. Enjoying the family supper with the arguments about who is doing the dishes. At my studio table. At the end of my shift when all the counters are wiped and dishes put away.

Wistful remembering yesterday' fast things change from yesterday to tomorrow.

I did the little cards with one word stamps. Love, happy, kisses, hugs...that kind of thing. To tuck into the pockets we make this week....


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Looks like you've been busy! So neat to see these tags. I like all the fibers you attached to them. They turned out great! :-)

TonyaA said...

Blessings, peace, and love to you,

mary schweitzer said...

These are so cool and vintage. You did a wonderful job. If they were mine, I would have a hard time giving them away on gifts.

Anonymous said...

easter is a complete creative time... you go grrl!

LaY hOoN said...

Those tags are lovely & delicious !

LaY hOoN said...

Those tags are lovely & delicious !

Janet said...

Oh, those tags are beautiful!! They have such an old, worn look and very nostalgic. Perfect!!

Sandy..... said...

These tags are gorgeous! I admitt, I have a small tag addiction. Now I've collectred so many and find myself not wanting to use many of them, because they are "special".
Grrr - I get so annoyed with myself when I do that! lol

Laura Kay said...

Your tags are pretty. with a vintage feel. Sounds like a good class.