Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan 1, 2016

I am going to try to be a lot better about blogging this year!  Last year I learned a lot about how to produce an on-line class you can learn about that here.
This was an extensive learning accomplishment!
I am beginning the new year with a clean studio!  My studio is rather plain when it comes to decorative features, but it houses a lot of technical supplies and those tend to inspire me.  A little tour..?..why sure!
Long view 1 encompassing the left side of the room

Long view 2 showing the right side of the room

Shows my Jewelry station that doubles as my desk

This is my journaling station

My painting station
ALL tables will become glass stations!
I began clearing out all the Christmas at the Gallery as well.
Updated views for there to follow in a few days.
I don't make resolutions.  My intentions are to make the best decisions possible at the time. 
To create MORE
and to explore more this thing called...adventure.
I am also trying to better my photography skills
a lot of practice will be witnessed here throughout the year.
Join me as I share my adventures
as we begin the new chapter


wanda miller said...

yyyyyyyyyyyAY just might start a new improved trend. Your workshop is DIVINE! yOU are one 'LEARNIN' woman and I LOVE that too! and look at that LIGHT streaming in everywhere....MORE MORE MORE. I am on hold for your adventures xoxo

Sam G said...

Inspiring to see all that clean, light-filled space! Go for it!!