Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Online Class Is Coming!!!

A real quick overview for Building a Painted Scene.
I am teaching with acrylic paints and mediums how to Build a Scene of Nature. 

Learning how to use the pigments with the intended medium to engage your painted story more vibrantly.  To use the brush as an extension of your arm and realize how NOT DIFFICULT painting really is.

We begin with practicing elements of nature, in this series we work with trees, grass and rocks.
 (Other series planned will include water, sky and so forth)

After the practice paintings of the elements involved trees, grass and rocks the final painting will include pulling all those elements from different sources to build a scene that may or may not be an actual setting in your neighborhood but, sure could be.

Included in the class are videos with instructional how to, perfect for anyone beginning or wanting to expand their range.  I like to take classes for the practice involved of having a preplanned project laid forth that provides me a ready project so, perfect for the experienced too!
PDF's for studying.

Lists of materials and sources.

Offering group camaraderie with a Facebook private group, where we share our projects and questions that need me to answer or the ability to e-mail me with questions. 
For those who want to add the benefit of one on one instruction, I will offer a limited number of spaces for meeting over the inter net live with helpful instruction and feedback.

E-mail me at to be placed on the list for further information as it becomes available. 

The class is set to launch in August 2015!!!

Come join us learning how easy painting really is!

A special THANK YOU to Anne Gaal,Ph.D.,CPCC,ACC at
who kept encouraging me and helped me through ALL the electronically challenging parts to bring this to the on-line community.

Go to the Stagecoach Gallery on Facebook and sign onto the list for information as well as email me direct:
Go to if you want to view my range.

Thank you for stopping in today :) Have a great Fourth of July weekend!

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