Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finishing Fencepost Building Layers

Blending is a key component when painting. 
Blending well, transitions the level of the painting seamlessly.

Sometimes blending is not the technique to grab and use but, knifing the paint in is better desired.  Especially for building up the texture, depending on the subject that is being defined.

When knifing paint, typically the tool of choice is a palette knife.  Consider using a brush as well.

Using a brush will gain a spotty hit or miss application less dense than using a palette knife, with similar results.

Lets go and view this little clip that is going to gradually show how the post is build up with layers of old look, using a brush for a palette knife.

Thank you for coming in today.

This demo has been built for a paint party at the Platte Nursing Home.  A senior activity that will include the family members and anyone else who wishes to join in the fun.

Our senior participants requested a subject they could relate to and not take down seasonally.  Since most of the Seniors in Platte were involved in farm and ranching operations, many as their career business, I felt they could relate to the pasture fence post.


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