Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ever Changing

As an artist I am always challenging myself to grow my range.

To do this I take classes.  I go to workshops, I take on-line classes with Artists whose style I like, techniques I admire or want to know more about.

One thing artists do to grow is constantly look to change.

I have a bazillion interests.
Some I have mastered but, never to the extent that I won't still find growth.  Even in mastered genres I look to grow my range.

EVERY instructor, or fellow artists has a twist to offer.  A special something to learn.

Currently, I am exploring interesting mark making to draw a viewer into the subject I am expressing.
To help me in this interesting process I am taking an on-line course with Gillian Cox.

She is an amazing instructor whose technical applications can grow your range across the board.
Be you painter or sketcher, her skills are thrilling to watch then incorporate into your own unique approach.

I have much more practice to undergo to get softer and lose more of my image to gain a more expressive painting but, that is part of the lovely process of growing.

Here is one of my practice pieces.

A bee in flight.

Still strong in my execution but I learned so much about offering expression.

Check out Ms. Gillian Cox on Pinterest or her blog you will enjoy her work.

Thank you for coming by.

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