Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lets Have a Paint Party...Okay, what do I do?

This is my THIRD attempt to bring a video into a blog post.  I HOPE I am successful with it this time!

So, you want to have a Painting Party, a wine and canvas, a girls event, a special birthday event...etc.

What do I do? 
1.)  First you contact Mary! :)
2.)  You give me the date I check the calendar. 
(IF a special day is very very important, DO NOT wait until the week before to book the event.  The chance that date is taken is high)
3.)  We discuss subject to paint.  (I get a little background about the group to get a feel for what they may like to paint)
4.)  After I ponder the subject a little bit I do a Demo to present to the initiator of the event.  They can show the group or leave that as a surprise, or use it for advertising purposes if a public event, such as a wine tasting event at a local pub.

I am going to go through a little series showing the process of a painting, one I am using as a Demo.

Video one is giving the painting a background.  I use acrylics.  For many they have never used acrylic paints.  So not only do they go home with a finished painting.  They learn a little about using unfamiliar materials.  Therefor, the party doubles as a lesson.  A sneaky happy aftermath.

I hope you enjoy my little series and follow along.

More I hope the video actually arrives this time :).  Thank you for stopping in!

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