Monday, February 1, 2016

R and R 155th Guard event Canvas Paint

January 29th I was invited to guide the family members of the 155th Guard from SD in a canvas painting during their R and R day.

There was a lot going on!
Drawings for donated items!
A massage table set up for massages!
Children care with games and movies.
Lunch had just been served when I arrived.

After we cleaned up from a delicious feast, I set up.

Our inspiration piece was to be a patriotic theme,  Combined a eagle over a flag.

a group of participants diligently working on their projects.

 Another table of ladies working on their projects!

A few of the children participated too and they have skills!
20 participants today!!!
A few of them left before I could get a finished photo but here are a few of the  finished projects.  They ALL did amazing!
Learned how relaxing the process is and learned they CAN do this!
(and she didn't think she could do this!)
I had a fantastic time encouraging and guiding this group of warriors.
Thank you for having me!

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