Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stairs/Steps day 4

I am going to show you how I came up with my Ghost stairwell.  I DO have a ghost at the store...and these are stairwells at the store, but not my ghost.

Beginning with the stairs...

Add model Cheyenne Cernitisch...decked out with her creepy makeup...

Extract model and add a skirt change everything to black and white and blend them together..

Then add the filmy get a ghosted imagery worth what I was going for in today's prompt


I think I did pretty good remembering lessons for Photoshop... :)

thank you for following and looking today!

1 comment:

wanda miller said...

remember photoshop excercises, yes, i'm impressed.
and i just love this whole DEAL mary! the idea, the important camera stuff and all and kudos to your friend, i am cracking up! xo