Friday, November 2, 2012

Favorite Hangout..Day 2

THIS is it!
The nest.
My MOST favorite space...
I don't watch TV...that thing hanging over the blanket is called, a BOOK...I haven't graduated to a Kindle. 
Still use the old fashioned version for a read...real pages and a front and back cover...
Never read the introduction or the back flap. 
I totally go by author, as in favorite....or the the author needs to be creative in that.
Subject is tantalizing too...
I ONLY read at night.
Never during the day...because I can get caught up in that story and not do what needs to be addressed.
So, do you have a favorite hangout?  The local watering hole, a special garden, the museum?
Thanks for dropping in.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

A REAL BOOK? I'm as old school as you. No kindle, just a real book. So happy to see another kindred spirit is out there doing the same.

Mar said...

LOL i am old school ms elizabeth

wanda miller said...

...and me too mar...still reading the real page turners, just can't rationalize spending the money monthly for the kindle to be able to read. whatever turns our crank eh...and i laughed when is first saw this...i have 2 nests, well, a hammock might be a third for me as there is always an outside pillow and a soft blankie waiting in it for me...i dig naps, snoozes and anything else resembling this :))...ready and rarin' to go afterwards! you trigged my mouth here! xo