Sunday, November 18, 2012

#18 Fence

Fence is today's photo challenge

I don't have a lot of fence diversity...livestock fence of two types...1 has a mesh style taller weave and the other 3 or 5 stands of barbed wire.

We have the woven taller version...both are sorta just basic ranching fence....I could have taken a picture of ill repaired fencing..
Or years of snow beaten down and overgrown...
but I tend to like corner braces for some odd reason...

So here ya go a brace...not a corner brace but a end brace.

Braces tell the fence which way to pull itself...depending on the way you hang the wire...see up there the wire goes left to bottom right diagonal...that tells the fence to lean to the right so it doesn't lean to left and travel down hill.

The X in the brace tells the fence a gate will hang on you...this gate has been moved so none it there now...but should a person want to put cows or horses in there the gate can easily be rehung.

There ya go fence speak..

have a good day and thanks for looking...

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wanda miller said...

I SPEAK FENCE i love this post. and what a cool picture this is!