Saturday, September 1, 2012

Progress on Student in Stained Glass Class

This is week 3 of Stained Glass Class, offered at the Stagecoach Gallery, for Hannah VandenBos

She came into the gallery in the middle of the week to get her soldering instruction in.

As you can see each step dramatically changes the project...

here is a close up of her project.

She did very well accepting the technique and took her project home to finish and tweak the lines and do side 2.

Tomorrow is the scheduled class in my studio...where we will add the zinc, hanging loops and clean it up, then patina the lines..
this project will be completed and ready to find its place of honor to hang.

She then has a choice to make.

Prepare to work on a circle or oval piece...or do another strait sided piece on her own, coming in if stumped...and then working on the circle piece...either way she has to do a circular project so she can learn how to finish that edge off...

the FULL Stained Glass Class is 7 weeks...Hannah is going to get the best compilation of the classes because she does her homework AT home...instead of bringing back what she was supposed to do and working on it during class time.  She will gain what I expect for the students to gain from 7 weeks of class time.

Learning the process
pattern prep then
transferring and cutting the glass
grinding the edges and fitting the pieces
then finishing the edges for two different styles of works
plus reinforcement

If you take the class the correct way you gain a LOT of knowledge from this instructor.

hope the holiday weekend is good for you...



wanda miller said...

this looks so beautiful. hannah is a lucky girl and i know that you feel that way too! this is a true labor of love! i really like seeing part of the process!

Anne Gaal said...

Looks great!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This sounds like one proud instructor talking (grin). You can be proud of a student who is willing to go the extra mile. It always makes me proud when I see homework from students and mine is never required. It means you have inspired the student. Way to GO!!

Sarah said...

Hi Mar,
Just catching up! I love the stained glass project-really lovely colours. So clever too. Your moon pictures are good. I have trouble with photographing the moon so any tips are useful. I also enjoyed the egrets, views, dogs having fun and coyotes.
Thanks for your visit yesterday. I am interested to find out some of the places from your novels-and indeed some of the novels! If you have any requests of places I could visit for historical interest let me know!