Saturday, September 8, 2012

Program At North Park

Hannah's second grade classes (there are 2) and the third graders had a wonderfully put on program for Grandparents day.
Craig and I are the grandparents...there was a awesome turnout...I would gander a guess of over 100 attended!

Last year the second graders grew plants that attract butterflies and were permissioned to plant it in North Park.  All summer they weeded it and grew a fabulous bed of flowers.  This year it is being passed over to the current second graders...and they will continue to tend to it.  The third graders are taking up a new project, in for compost!

Which next year the second graders becoming third graders will inherit.

I didn't get a picture of the flower bed just too many people were there and I didn't go back.  You can see parts of the bed peeking through.
This is Hannah's class spotting Hannah by her fluffy curly hair behind the boy in blue shirt.

They sang, and read stories and poems and sang some more...all honoring the grandparents
such a sweet program!

After the event was an offering of cookies and tea, I didn't remain for the mingle part...

Had a great time though and felt so special that the children learned all those songs and some of them had a lot to memorize, I was impressed!

Happy Grandparents Day!



wanda miller said...

is hanna your grandaughter mary? i am just guessing from the post? SPECIAL SWEET post! xo

Mar said...

yes'm Hannah is our grandchild...Charlie is in kindergarden...we have 2

Sarah said...

What a lovely sounding day Mar, and also a great project for the children to get involved in. Glad you had fun!