Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making Changes in the Gallery

The Gallery has a nice full look to the space now...I change things around a LOT!  With new arriving and pieces leaving, the showroom is always looking different...but I thought you might like to see how vast the selection is for works and furnitures to consider over.

I have several jewelry artists and I try to keep every ones work separated.   This long case I use for Elle Rice and Brenda Dehaan's works.

This is Brenda's side.  I have a particular hard time to display her pieces.  She brought in a new supply, so he is full!
They are all pendants... the displaying of them if not on top of one of the shelf's, gets lost.  (one day I want to get case lights)

I spent all day yesterday cleaning up the disarray-ment look of her side of the case...most of the work is on one of the 3 stands on top of the case...the top shelf in the case is easy to see since the top of the case is was the 3rd shelf giving me the issue.  Without lighting they sorta just
I made a jewelry board yesterday and affixed the whole shelf to the one board.

Now I can add something to either side and the case and it will be full and clean to look through!

This is Elle's side...her work is a more tradition style of bead stringing and she uses stones throughout the whole necklace.  They have a larger presence.
This case was FULL just a few weeks you can see the bottom shelf is empty...she is bringing in more work...soon!

I saw this look in a magazine.  They had the ball in an urn on top of a wreath...I think it works well with the stand...this is a mouth blown gazing ball...for outside, but I have used it inside for many years to fill a corner or bring some interest to an area.

I received 3 abstracted watercolors this morning from an new contributing artist Tamara Jensen.
Saturday Chad Phillips will be bringing in new pieces...and then we will begin changing the walls around to accommodate the new works.

Other contributing artists continue to be sending in their new works as if you haven't been through, come on know you want to.

thanks for looking and have a great day!


Anne Gaal said...

Looking great! ♥

wanda miller said...

you know you are right...i would visit in a heartbeat. what a selection! and it looks so inviting mary! xoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This has such a down home feel, and a big city feel, too. It's hard to describe, but I feel like I could be at home there. You have gathered so many talented artists, I'm simply amazed at all you can offer. How wonderful.