Saturday, September 15, 2012

MORE New Work Arrived!!!

New work continually arrives to replace sold work...this week in the mail...

Gia Sprague...also known as Gia Jury on FB sent these two lovely ladies in acrylics.  This is Frida number two, and a pretty lady.  Nicely framed 8 x 10...easy to place in a collection.

Mary Schweitzer loves to work in the bones.  Her pieces are very collected!  Here is a cow skull she gave the Third Eye treatment.  Vivid deep blue and a true gold.  Cool conversation piece or added to an ongoing skull collection...I have this one laying propped on a table but they hang on the wall well too and there is a hanging loop.

This is just one of the pieces Cheri Antonsen brought in last week.  An old abandoned Singer base she re purposed with a mosaic top.  This piece SCREAMS I am an individual for whoever graces their space with the piece.

I posted several of the other pieces Chris brought in the week.  Cm Cernetisch, a pastel painter out of Burke SD, is collected for her South Dakotan scenes.  They are vibrantly rich and masterfully executed.
This is the Little Barn.

Night Chores...not many darker themed paintings are seen out there.  Chris captured the light spilling from the barn door perfectly!

And for our chicken Henny Penny...she won't be long visiting....

One of a kind work is becoming popular for gifting and collecting...These are ALL ORIGINAL works..not prints.

If interested and out of the area, contact me...I can ship.

But, if you are IN the yourself a favor and drop in ..the pictures don't begin to show the gorgeous depth of color and artistic range.

Thank you


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm trying to catch up on your posts while still fighting a nasty computer virus. You have some remarkable pieces. I was especially drawn to the cow's skull. It is awesome!!

Mar said...

ty mary will enjoy seeing that :D