Monday, September 6, 2010


Grass cutting is rained out...isn't that a shame...LOL

enamels are finely crushed glass with ores and minerals for color striking
(like stains)
but they have more flux added to the mix
so the burnoff is achieved at a lower temperature
keeping a good color

I am finally ready to begin firing platter 1...the kiln is loaded and vented
I have to vent out the nasty burnoff of the oils...venting protects my coils
it ramps up reeeeaally prevent the glass crashing

a success would be i am done

this rarely happens
i am always missing places and need to reload the enamels and fire again
should i have good coverage
i will finished with platter 1

here is platter 1...enamels can be loaded from either side
sometimes i do both sides
and i might yet with this one
that gives a lot of depth to the pieces
i begin with the loading on the backside
this way
if i want to add more i load from the front
it might be done
then the trace lines are fresh looking which are on the front
so we will know more tomorrow when i can open the kiln...
thanks for following along...


Sarah said...

Beautiful, and very difficult sounding! Good luck!

Bea said...

So that's how it's done. WHAT A LOT OF TALENT, SKILL and WORK. Beautiful. :)Bea

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a lot of time and patience go into each piece, as well as talent and artistic ability. This is beautiful and not even fired! Glad you are stepping us through the process.

Laura said...

This is sooo cool! In another life this is what I would do!!

Debrina said...

Mar - you are phenomenal. I love your deft touch in this piece - particulalrly the birds in the background. You're phenomenal because you've re-aligned and found your mojo again. I was glad to read that you meditate. I do too:-)

Dianne said...

Wow your glass work is stunning as always. Love your photos and what you have done with them. Also painting fantastic, your doing it all kodoos to you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, big hugs to you..

teri said...

wow. i wish i owned a kiln like that. your work is beautiful!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

This is really cool !!
How you do that ? How wish I staying close with you, so I can learn from you.