Saturday, September 25, 2010


SEE this STUFF!!!


By the time I got the camera out and going most of it had already begun to melt and the rain had beautiful drying bean crop... but I am not the only one suffering a loss this year!
This struck at 2:30 this morning!

Craig looked though and luckily not all of the pods were knocked off..maybe where they weren't all the way finished drying and still leathery helped keep more on the stem.
what also helped was no wind!

I AM thankful though it was not the golf ball size or larger hail being reported in other areas.
This was about the size of a dime. Lasted 4 minutes...but torment just the same.

I hope for this week no more of this stuff and they can combine me and be done!

Yesterday Hannah and Charlie began painting the backgrounds for sack to take trick or treating.
they made a huge mess and had a great time...i won't put up pictures of each step but i will place their final project bag up when we are done.

Have a great weekend!

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Sarah said...

Oh no! That sounds like pretty big hail! Poor beans.