Friday, September 3, 2010

Call The Girls...!

I foresee fun with this feature! 3 pictures stitched together for a panorama!!! Today...

I am still enameling the platters I began the other day of the turkey and is also cow check day where I help out River Hills Ranch...okay gonna go check the cows...I check the east of town ones first because they are furthermost away...everything is fine..

go to the pasture south of me and I see the girls need mineral...again...out of habit i look in the creekfeeder...empty...look around...humph they came and took the weanling's out...don't need to call in about creekfeed...turn around and the tank is empty...go trip the breaker

sometimes it trips itself and is a simple fix
check the oil
this is a really old well and an even older engine to get the water up...oil is fine

call nick...the electrician
cause i sure don't know what i am doing

nick arrives

by now the girls are hovering around me
they are thirsty and wondering when i am turning this rig on...

nick looks over everything
welll...he says...(and i am lucky to get that much he doesn't say a whole lot)
you need to call REA...the wires into the fuse box were fried

i guess that was in the storm the other night i heard a really loud thunder crash and knew it was close
i guess it was real close

yyyeeep...(tell ya he is really chatty)

so he gives me REA number i call them...
gonna be an hour


plus once this thing does get started it isn't the fasted fill tub in the
to contend the situation i go to my place
(just a mile)
and retrieve an old tank i used a few years ago for a planter
(when i was into gardening...i have since outgrown that for awhile anyway)
it has holes drilled in the bottom for drainage
i ducktape over those and put the tank under another water source further over in the pasture
a old fashioned pump...not that old a fashioned i didn't have to hand prime it or anything
just turn on...
called the girls
that is in cow language

and the picture above is the wait line at the tank...
aren't they cute

and courteous too

thanks for helping out today!
have a nice holiday weekend!!


Bea said...

Holy wait Holy Moly, don't want to offend the "girls". YOU DO LIVE and exciting life. I had no idea you were so talented.
I'm impressed.....I mean reall impressed. It makes me filling the birds feeders no big deal. lololsnort :)Bea

MrCachet said...

I know all there is to know about calling cows, and I can tell you - you know everything about calling cows!

They like the sound of rolled oats being shaken in a five gallon bucket, too. They can hear it a mile away.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Three photos stitched together? That sounds awesome. And I'm so impressed with your day. It is sure more exciting and filled with fresh air than mine. Happy weekend.

Altered Route said...

Boy can I relate...loved your story and the create way you told it. And I have a pretty good idea that it was only a fragment of your day. Cows look good.