Monday, January 5, 2009

Trying to focus...

I am trying to focus on healthier regimes and keeping myself in a more organized state.
A dear friend, Colleen and I have re-started the Atkins worked for us before, and in my opinion, if you just begin and eliminate the unhealthier side of the diet, this is the most important step.
Which ever routine a person ends up sticking to ('sticking to' being the key part) that works for them it is all good.
Pick one and go forth.

A few weeks back I bought a book Energy Medicine for Women. She is a holistic healer and offers a program for the individual to learn for channeling the bodies energies to keep them healthy or heal.
Kind of like acupuncture with out the needles. Use of the meridian points is key to this routine.
Her routine is also similar to a breathing kind of yoga routine I did a while ago...and when I did that routine I felt better, and lost weight like no tomorrow. (I don't know why I stop, except basically i am lazy)
It all goes hand in hand...pick something and just do it.

Anyway, I began doing the DVD for the program I ordered...because trying to do the exercises from the book, for me, I wasn't sure I was getting it...the DVD resolves those now I just need to learn the routine, once I do.. it will not take as long to perform...I can eliminate the watching of the DVD and eliminate her talking.
When I first did it a few weeks ago, I did notice how much better I felt...but then all the deadlines loomed over me
we got busy at work...Christmas...busy busy...excuse excuse..I didn't do it again.
This morning I did...again a more focused feeling.

These are the few things I am trying to focus on to a better improved healthier me.
I have a bad habit of not sticking to these kinds of things
I am putting it up here thinking maybe if I put myself out in the to speak...I will try to stay focused long enough to make it a habit.
My next bad habit is once I achieve the goal..I begin back in the same unhealthy choices and end up back at stage 1 again.
I am not sure why I sabotage myself this way...but I am going to keep doing the Artist Way exercises...(another routine for self help) and maybe something will emerge to enlighten me, who knows.

Maybe by you reading what I am trying to accomplish will give you (if you need to) the incentive to try and tackle some of these issues too, and you won't feel alone doing them.

We can encourage each other


Kim said...

Good for you! It's hard to remain passionate about your own health when there are so many other responsibilities and siren songs , but if you make it the priority and Keep it a priority , you'll continue to succeed! That's my theory , anyway - I've fallen off the fitness wagon too , and totally relate to that self sabotage comment. I'll wish you success if you wish me success!

Linda said...

This is all sounds so familiar! We should look after ourselves more - I feel I haven't done that for a long time. But I'm going to try... starting with a facial and a haircut tomorrow!
I hope you are successful in all you do this year.
Thank you for your kind comments.
Linda xxx